How Long Does It Take To Install Tile

Not only are tile flooring very attractive to look at, but they also last a long time and are extremely durable. It should come as no surprise that tile is a popular choice for flooring in homes.

However, different flooring types have different installation procedures, and different flooring types have different time frames to finish. Consider going with tile floors that can be swiftly and readily installed if you want to enjoy your new flooring in your home after a short installation process. If value and longevity are more important to you, though, a more complex installation procedure can be worthwhile.

Furthermore, tile flooring can be more expensive and time-consuming than other types of tile flooring, even when the finished product is worthwhile. So, how long does it take to install tile?

How Long Does It Take To Install Tile?


Tile flooring installation takes approximately one to three days to finish. It takes a long time because installing tiles correctly requires several steps.

When installing tile flooring, you must use the appropriate materials and tools. If you are installing tiles around existing cabinets or fixtures that need special cuts to suit the tile, the installation process may also take longer.

Here’s your step-by-step guide on how the tile flooring installation works and how long does it take to install tile:

Step #1: Getting The Floor Ready

You’re asking for costly problems when you install tiles on a poorly prepared surface. It may take up to 24 hours to prepare your floor if it involves applying glue, putting tiles on a unique surface, or making sure the gaps cannot accommodate mold.

The amount of preparation needed, your experience (or the experience of your local professional flooring contractor), and the size of the area to be tiled will all determine how long this takes. For instance, taking up the flooring might be simpler and take less time than taking up the old tiles, glue, and any accompanying coatings and sealants.’

Step #2: Setting The Tile

Depending on experience, installing tile will take different amounts of time. Of course, a professional tiler can install tiles faster and more effectively than a do-it-yourselfer.

The size of the area and the tiles themselves should also be taken into consideration. Larger tiles will, once more, take up more space than smaller tiles. You will require extra time, though, if the area calls for a lot of customized tiles—for instance, plumbing that needs to be moved around in a laundry or bathroom.

Step #3: Drying The Tile Flooring

I know you’re eager to use your newly installed tiles and your newly designed surface area, but it’s advisable to wait a little while longer.

Even though it could be uncomfortable, a lot of professionals recommend you to wait at least 24 hours before using your newly tiled surface. It is preferable to wait 24 hours before touching a newly tiled surface, even if you aren’t walking on it – such as kitchen countertops, flooring, or walls.

Factors That Affect The Timing Of A Tiling Project

Installing The Tile

Your first tile installation project will probably take the longest if you decide to do it yourself. You’ll become more proficient and able to keep up your pace with practice. If you lack time to spare or are unable to complete the task yourself, there are professional flooring contractors who can guarantee the correct installation of your tile flooring.

Size Of The Tiles

The size of the tiles you choose is one of the most important factors that affect how long it takes to install tile. Larger tiles require less space to install because they occupy more area. Because of this, installing them usually takes less time than installing smaller tiles.

The tile’s placement is an additional consideration. Despite their stylish appearance and contemporary prominence, placement in tiles needs significantly more time to install.

By keeping these things in mind, you can speed up the installation procedure.

Preparation And Curing Of The Tiles

Tiles will break and stick badly if the floor is not perfectly level. Your floor might need to be leveled by adding a layer of backer board and covering any exposed nails or elevated seams.
Give your freshly tiled floor a full day or so before stepping on it. Remember to include the time frame in your installation estimate.

Grouting And Cleaning The Tile

Grouting should be applied after the tiles have hardened to keep them in place. This might be a laborious operation, especially if your tiles are small or have a unique placement.

You can use soapy water to remove any lingering grout after grouting. It may require several washes to eliminate the excess, so this may also take some time.

Tips And Tricks: How Long Does It Take To Install Tile?

You want outcomes now, but good things come to those who wait! You are not at fault here, it’s normal!

While it’s not possible to instantly lay a wall or floor of tiles with a few actions, there are some industry-specific procedures and techniques that can reduce installation time.

Make A Solid Substrate

Your substrate determines how well your tile job turns out. You’ll ultimately need to put in a lot more labor if you’re starting from an uneven or damaged substrate. Even worse, uneven flooring can result in damaged tiles, so give floor preparation extra thought to extend the life of your floor and prevent needless effort later on.

Apply Pre-Mix Thinset

Though it will cost more than dry thin-set mortar – which you would have to mix manually – premixed thinset can save a ton of time. Not only are you spared the responsibility of mixing your dry thinset, but you also skip the problems associated with using the wrong ratio of water to thinset.

Utilize The Appropriate Tools

Only their tools can determine how good a tiler is. For instance, a notched trowel should be used for spreading mortar, not just any old tool that “basically works.” Using inappropriate tools could damage your tile installation because a notched trowel will control the thinset’s flow on your substrate.


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